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About MidSouth Handpiece Repair

“Having worked for large dental supply companies in the past I have seen the breakdown in communication due to everyone ‘passing the buck’, I wanted something better for the customer”.  Midsouth Dental Supply and Handpiece Repair prides itself on not trying to get the “biggest commission” or “huge equipment order” rather we want to provide the customer with options.  We have an extensive resource list and in house machine shop, upholstery shop, wood shop, electronics and handpiece repair facility. 

Curing Light Battery Rebuilds

Founded in 2015, Midsouth Handpiece Repair is a division of Midsouth Dental Supply a full service dental equipment, parts, and repair company.  Locally owned and operated by Jason and Brandi Blair.  Jason has over 15 years experience in the dental service and installation fields and has developed an astounding reputation of fast, reliable, honest service.  It seemed only natural to break away from the corporate world and take equipment service and repair back to where it belongs, local and personal!

Quality Work

To us, doing the right thing is the only thing. While it might be a mantra for us, it’s not always the case with others. We stay true to our values and strive to give you an experience you’ll talk about for years to come. 

Fast, Reliable, Quality.

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Customer Service

When you talk to one of our employees, you can expect to interact with a friendly staff member who will take the time to listen to your needs. If you ever feel like we aren’t meeting the mark, we want to know about it.

Reliable People

We’re real people, just like you. Our process is simple: we take the time to get to know you, and we always keep your best interests in mind. At Midsouth Handpiece Repair, our primary focus is to leave you smiling and satisfied.

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To provide honest, quality work that is done right the first time. We want you to remember us. We want you to walk away satisfied. Most of all, we want to build a relationship with you that lasts. We’re here to do the right thing so that you feel confident in your decision to work with us.  Midsouth Handpiece Repair may rebuild high speed and low speed electric and air driven handpieces, but we focus on building relationships based on trust, reliability, and honesty.

Honest Communication

We believe in integrity. To us, that means bringing open and honest conversation to the table. It means taking your best interests to heart. At Midsouth Handpiece Repair, you can rely on us to always focus on you.

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Our Mission