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Electric Handpiece Repair

Electric Slow Speed and Endo Attachments

 1:1 and Most Other Speed Reducers Rebuilds                                                       6 Month Warranty

  • Kavo                                                                                                                                      $159-$189.00 
  • Adec                                                                                                                                      $159-$209.00
  • NSK                                                                                                                                       $159-$189.00
  • Bien Air                                                                                                                                 $159-$189.00
  • Star                                                                                                                                        $159-$189.00
  • Midwest  (Now Repairing the RDH Freedom)                                                                $159-$189.00  
  • Most other brands                                                                                                              $159-$189.00

Preventive Maintenance Program                                                                                 Starting at $35

*Complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and direct lubrication of components.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • Brush and Brushless Style Motor Rebuilds
  • Tubings-Electric Tubings are expensive! Let us rebuild them for a fraction of the cost.

                                                                            *Contact Us Today For Pricing

Electric 1:5 Speed Increasing Attachment Head Rebuild

6 Month Warranty

Kavo LHA, LPA, M05L, M25L $249-$299.00
Kavo 25LHA or 25LPA Factory Overhaul $599.00 One Year Warranty
Adec (W&H) $249-$299.00
NSK $229-$299.00
Star $229-$299.00
NSK Factory Overhaul $450.00
Bein Air CA1:5 Factory Trade In  $750.00
Most other 1:5 Attachments $249.00

Slow Speed and Endo Attachments do not have the same internal design as high speed attachments.  The design of these handpieces makes maintenance difficult, even when using maintenance machines.  The best way to perform preventive maintenance is complete disassembly, cleaning, and lubricating. 

Motor and Tubing Rebuilds Available

Fast, Reliable, Quality.

Midsouth Handpiece Repair, Dental Handpiece Repair

Our work speaks for itself. We focus on making you happy because your satisfaction is key. At Midsouth Handpiece Repair, we are committed to your interests and our honest communication will never lead you astray. We’re not afraid of your questions or concerns, so if you have an issue please let us know immediately. It is important to us that you remain confident in your decision to work with Midsouth Handpiece Repair.  We have the training required to properly repair or rebuild not only high and low speed air driven but electric handpieces as well. 

Preventive Maintenance Program                                                                               Starting at $59
*Complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, direct lubrication of components.

Electric 1:5 Speed Increasing Attachment, 6 Month Warranty, Head Rebuild

Electric Handpiece/Attachment Repair