Complete Low Speed Handpiece Repair

Do you have a drawer full of broken Handpieces? 

Why buy new when we can repair them for you?

Midsouth Handpiece Repair offers complete low speed rebuilding services.  We don't just repair we refurbish!

Low Speed Attachments

Star Titan S Scaler One Year Warranty
Star Titan S/SW Rebuild $149.00
Rotor Replacement $50.00 (3-month warranty
Lowspeed Angles Three Month Warranty
Latch Angle Rebuild $75.00/129.00
PB Latch Angle Rebuild $95.00/129.00
Kavo Angle Rebuild $149.00
New Ball Bearing Angle $95.00
New Universal Latch Angle $30.00
Push Button Latch Angle Rebuild $95/$145
Universal Angles $39

Low Speed Repair Services

Motor Overhauls One Year Warranty
Star Titan II & III $159.00
Midwest Tru Torc I & II $159.00
Miwest Shorty I & II $159.00
Midwest Rhino, RDH $159.00
Champion Little Guy $159.00
  Six Month Warranty
Micromite $159.00
Lynx Motors $159.00
Micro Motors $159.00
Kavo Motors $249.00 and up
Motor Rethreads $85.00 and up
Midwest RDH Freedom $159.00.00 and up

Air Driven Scalers

Low Speed Motors

Midsouth Handpiece Repair, Dental Handpiece Repair

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